Closing the gaps!
Closing the gaps!

Published: 14/10/2013 4:51:47 p.m.

The Gorilla Pro Gaps range has expanded to deliver a gap filler to suit every task and requirements. Here at Gorilla we know that not all building and renovating jobs are the same, we have developed unique gap fillers with different tasks in mind and with different key strengths.
Gorilla Pro Gaps Interior
Specifically designed for internal use, this single component filler offers great adhesion (without a primer) on building materials like concrete, brickwork, painted wood, anodised aluminium and PVC. Excellent for those small repair jobs inside the home.
Gorilla Pro Gaps Exterior
The kiwi climate can be harsh. This high quality, flexible sealant and filler is designed exactly with though climates and environments in mind. Brilliant for external jobs that will then be painted. After curing it is both weather and rain resistant.
Gorilla Pro Gaps Quick Dry
There is some jobs that just need speed! Quick Dry filler utilises a super quick dry formulation that allows painting to occur just 20 minutes after application, while still delivering the same great finish.
Gorilla Pro Gaps All In One
The ultimate high quality MS Polymer based gap filler, sealant and adhesive in a single cartridge. Delivering high bond strength and an excellent paintable finish (paintable with water based paints). This truly is an “all in one solution’’.